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HFCs 300D is a computer-controlled color film analyzer for 16mm and 35mm formats that lets you and your clients examine their timed masterpieces in motion.  This saves valuable time by eliminating the need to repeatedly stop the film to inspect it on the display monitor.

The 300D is the only color analyzer on the market with the "film like" look that comes from its precision color simulation system.  Competitors have unsuccessfully tried to match the 300Ds quality with video technology thats been poorly adapted for film.   Quite simply, there is no comparison.  Imaging using photomultiplier and flying spot scanner tubes, the image is absorbed and digitally converted for screen viewing.   No other analyzer uses this superior method.  The patented Auto Gain Stabilizing circuit ensures the 300D will provide consistent, dependable performance throughout its lengthy life.

To help assure color continuity, the 300D is further enhanced with a multi-channel Digital Framestore.  Once a frame is stored in the computer, you can view it on a split screen for side-by-side comparisons to live images from the film gate.