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blue01_next.gif Furnace Transformer

Transformer that meets a wide range of requirements such as sufficient protection against short circuit and low-noise operation.

Furnace Transformer

square02_darkblue.gif Rated Capacity: 100 ~ 70,000kVA
square02_darkblue.gif Tap Changer: NLTC or OLTC
square02_darkblue.gif Cooling Type: ONAN, ONAF, OFWF, OFAF
square02_darkblue.gif Primary Voltage: Low Voltage ~ 66kV
square02_darkblue.gif Secondary Voltage: Low Voltage as Customer°Įs
square02_darkblue.gif Connection: Primary --- °‚ or Y
                           Secondary --- °‚ or OPEN °‚, °‚/Y