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Nexus Batteries

Nexus 50

square02_darkblue.gif High capacity lithium ion
square02_darkblue.gif Lightweight
square02_darkblue.gif Microprocessor 4 LED capacity gauge
square02_darkblue.gif Can operate camera and light with optional Phantom
square02_darkblue.gif Requires NEXUS mount
square02_darkblue.gif Recommended maximum total operating load 60 watts

square02_darkblue.gif Capacity: ~ 50 wh @ 25watts
square02_darkblue.gif Voltage: Nominal 14.4V
square02_darkblue.gif Size: 3.5" x 1.5" x 6.5" (8.89cm x 3.81cm x 16.51cm)
square02_darkblue.gif Weight: 1.1 lbs (.5kg)

square02_darkblue.gif Nominal runtime: 2 hrs.
square02_darkblue.gif Nominal charge time: ~3 hrs.


Nexus Phantom Battery

square02_darkblue.gif Low impedance NiCd
square02_darkblue.gif Operates camera when main battery is low or
square02_darkblue.gif Recharged when main battery replaced
square02_darkblue.gif Can operate camera and light
square02_darkblue.gif Requires NEXUS mount
square02_darkblue.gif Only used as NEXUS backup

square02_darkblue.gif Capacity: ~8 wh
square02_darkblue.gif Voltage: Nominal
square02_darkblue.gif Size: 3" x 1.25" x 4.75" (7.62cm x 3.18cm x 12.06cm)
square02_darkblue.gif Weight: .55 lbs (.24 kg)

square02_darkblue.gif Nominal runtime @ 25 watts:
square02_darkblue.gif Nominal charge time: ~1/2 hour


Nexus Mount

square02_darkblue.gif Camera mount for Nexus-50 and NP Style Batteries.

square02_darkblue.gif Adapts any camera to NEXUS system
square02_darkblue.gif Available in 2 mounting formats - NP or V-mount
square02_darkblue.gif Allows one handed battery change
square02_darkblue.gif Attaches easily to any camera
square02_darkblue.gif NP and NEXUS-50 batteries can be used
square02_darkblue.gif NP clip included for use with standard NP batteries


Nexus Phantom Package

square02_darkblue.gif Intermediate mount to allow use of Phantom battery
   back up system

square02_darkblue.gif Fits between camera and NEXUS mount
square02_darkblue.gif Internal circuitry provides automatic backup of main
square02_darkblue.gif Back up may be manually engaged to make a battery
   change on demand
square02_darkblue.gif NEXUS Phantom battery included