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Advanced Oxidation System

The Pollution Control Systems Oxidation process destroys dissolved organic contaminants in contaminated water. In these processes, a proprietary high-powered, medium pressure lamp emits high energy UV radiation through a quartz sleeve into the contaminated water. Oxidizing agents, Hydrogen peroxide and Ozone are added to the contaminated water and is activated by the UV light to form oxidizing species called hydroxyl radicals, via:

UV/O3/H2O2 + UV.....> 3(.OH)

The hydroxyl radical reacts with the dissolved contaminants, initiating a rapid cascade of oxidation reactions that ultimately fully oxidize (mineralizes) the contaminants. The success of the system is based on the fact the rate constants for the reaction of

.OH radicals with most organic pollutants are very high.

The hydroxyl radical typically reacts a million to a billion times faster than chemical oxidants such a ozone and hydrogen peroxide. In addition many organics contaminants undergo a change in the chemical structure by the direct absorption of UV light in the UV-C spectral range emitted by proprietary medium pressure UV lamps